Wrapex has been in business for 35 years and has dealt all over Western Canada.

Wrapex is the leading Company in the Insulation and Scaffolding businesses. With a high level of safety processes and standards, with a high level of quality of all materials and installation and a continuous positive assurance that all Customers are on schedule and completely satisfied, Wrapex is the leader in its business. Wrapex is constantly looking at new processes, new technology, new equipment to reduce costs to its customers and be a leader in that area in the business.

Wrapex is a Company that can be fully trusted, has a very positive culture and which are always congruent with our customers, our staff are very skilled and professional, Wrapex can be trusted to execute the work even better than as requested, and Wrapex’s work is very consistent but is always looking for ways to improve and ensure the customer is extremely satisfied with the work done.

Wrapex demonstrates dedication to improvement in our operating standards with continuous professional development of our staff through accredited training courses whilst maintaining our dedication in regards to health and safety. Our success in the management of large and complex projects is due to the combination of out knowledgeable and experienced project management teams and crews. Our projects are carefully planned out and tracked in a meticulous and systematic manner.

Wrapex is the official leader of Scaffolding and Insulation work in Western Canada.

Why Choose Wrapex for Insulation and Scaffolding

  • Wrapex is the leader in safety training and job execution, with constant training and improvement in all processes.
  • Wrapex is the leader in Quality Control and quality in materials and job execution
  • Wrapex is the leader in ensuring lowest cost to its customer. Wrapex constantly works to reduce costs in all areas to pass on to customers.
  • Wrapex sets the standard in scaffolding and insulation work. Wrapex is the No. 1 Company in safety, quality and job execution in insulation and scaffolding.

Wrapex has a spirit of partnership with its customers that goes well beyond normal relationships